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You’ve written a book. Now what? Bryce Cullen Publishing will guide you through every step of the way on your journey of turning your manuscript into an attractive and highly aesthetic book—one you’ll be proud of. From editing and custom interior layout and cover design to very high-quality printing and worldwide distribution, we offer every service you’ll need to transform your manuscript into a potential bestseller.


Publish your book with Bryce Cullen and take advantage of:



You’ll retain all the rights to your work. Instead of signing them away and losing control, you’ll be in the driver’s seat the entire time. Offer as much or as little input as you’d like during the production process. Final choices and approvals are still ultimately up to you in the end. And no matter what, your book will remain in print and be available worldwide.



Many books have a time sensitivity to them. While it can take as long as two years to make it to market through traditional channels, we can have your book in print in as little as two months. This flexibility and proficiency is absolutely huge in today’s rapid-pace society.


Is your book very targeted, either by topic or region? There are many traditional publishers who avoid these types of books simply because they don’t feel the appropriate level of mass appeal is present. Nonsense. Books that can make the most money in the publishing world are often times just these types, turned lucrative by authors who can heavily hone in on these target markets.



While traditional publishers pay a measly royalty on net income, we pay a healthy percentage of the list price of your book, no matter what sale price it sells for. There are no disappointing surprises with respect to undisclosed “expenses” that are subtracted prior to your royalty percentage being calculated. Rather, you’ll know what you’re getting ahead of time for every book sold. We feel your compensation should always be based off of list price and never off of vague net income calculations. Since we can offer much higher royalties than traditional channels, we look at our services not as an expenditure to you but rather an investment, with the opportunity to earn much more via today’s most current and ever-expanding approach to the industry.



In the end, there’s nothing better than maintaining your editorial independence while watching your passion come to fruition exactly the way you intended it to, without the artistic interference (or suffocation) traditional publishing can impose. Exercise your passion with no restraint.

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