Let’s simplify things: one publishing package choice for any book you’ve written.

PERSONAL AUTHOR REP. First and foremost, you’ll have a personal author rep whom you’ll be able to contact directly via phone, text, or email with respect to any questions, concerns, or requests you may have throughout the entire publishing process—and thereafter. You’re acquiring an ongoing, accessible relationship. Intimate, dedicated service shouldn’t be an “upgrade”—it should be expected. Our human element is unparalleled when compared to our more “corporate” competitors; you truly won’t find a more personable, flexible, and humanistic publishing experience. Our 2011–2014 praise (listed in our News & Advice section) speaks for itself. By all means, please feel free to give us a call right now if you’d like to discuss your book and our publishing process in depth prior to securing our services. We’ll be happy to offer any helpful advice, regardless of which direction you choose to pursue.

INTERIOR LAYOUT. We’ll take your manuscript and turn it into one cohesive, professional look. No generic templates are used. All elements, including font, font size, leading, margins, titles, headers, and footers will be expertly and individually addressed. Color book with lots of pictures or drawings? No problem. We’ll combine all of your images and text to create the aesthetically pleasing and sensible layout you deserve. Allowance for up to 50 images to be submitted for layout, and only $10 per image thereafter.

COLOR CUSTOM COVER DESIGN. We’ll custom design your cover to appropriately convey the feel of your book and the look you’re going for. You’re more than welcome to offer your input and vision as well as provide any images, blurbs, excerpts, and endorsements that you wish to be included. Each book is specially and individually treated—we DO NOT use templates of any kind. Your book is worth more than a generic template. Our professional graphic designers will create a fabulous look because, after all, people DO judge a book by its cover.

COVER FINISH. Covers will be full color (or black and white, if desired) with your choice of a chic and sexy lay-flat gloss laminate or a classy and refined matte laminate. Our lay-flat gloss laminate has microscopic pores that not only prevent curling but also make our covers more resistant to both scratching and tearing. In addition, our gloss laminate won’t be “glarey” and reflective like some of our competitors’ covers are. Our matte laminate has a super-soft and durable surface that some just can’t seem to keep their hands off of. Also, since our laminates bond better with the dry inks and toners used by digital presses, problems such as bubbling, peeling, and delamination are eliminated.

DIMENSIONS & PAPER STOCK. Let’s put it this way: we can most likely accommodate whatever portrait dimension you have in mind for your book. You’ll have your choice of either 50 lb. white paper stock or 55 lb. crème paper stock for black and white interiors, and a high-quality 70 lb. white paper stock for color interiors.

BINDING. All black and white trade books will be perfect bound to the highest standards. Depending on length, color books can either be saddle-stitch bound or perfect bound.

ISBN. We’ll obtain and provide the unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number) that will be required for your book. We’ll also generate the ISBN barcode necessary for the back cover of your book.

EAN. We’ll obtain and provide the proper EAN barcode necessary for the back cover of your book.

LCCN. We’ll file for and obtain the LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) required to get your book into any library. We’ll also mail the required copy of your book to the Library of Congress.

PROOF. Prior to your book going to press, you’ll receive a digital proof to approve. Hard-copy proofs are available upon request for $30 and are shipped via overnight delivery.

US ONLINE AVAILABILITY. We’ll make your book available for purchase at Amazon (, Barnes & Noble (, and Books-A-Million/BAM!® (

NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION. Through our relationship with the industry’s largest wholesaler, Ingram, we’ll make your book available to be ordered at most any bookstore in the country.

WORLDWIDE AMAZON AVAILABILITY. We’ll also make your book available for purchase at Amazon Austria (, Amazon Canada (, Amazon France (, Amazon Germany (, Amazon Italy (, Amazon Japan (, Amazon Spain (, and Amazon UK (

ADDITIONAL UK DISTRIBUTION. With our additional UK distribution channels, in addition to Amazon UK (, your book will also be available at Book Depository ( and Foyles (

AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION. With our Australian distribution channels, your book will also be available at The Nile (, Better Read Than Dead (, and Between Reads (

NORDIC DISTRIBUTION. Your book will also be available at Adlibris in Norway (, Finland, (, and Sweden (

DIRECTORY LISTINGS. We’ll list your book in Bowker’s extensive Books In Print directory.

AMAZON SEARCH INSIDE!™ We’ll set your book up with Amazon’s Search Inside!™ program (displayed as “LOOK INSIDE!” above the cover image). Potential buyers will be able to preview select pages prior to purchase, and every word in the book will be picked up in search results.

BARNES & NOBLE SEE INSIDE. We’ll also set your book up with Barnes & Noble’s See Inside program (displayed as “SEE INSIDE” below the cover image). Here as well, potential buyers will be able to preview select pages prior to purchase, and every word in the book will be picked up in search results.

CUSTOM PRESS RELEASE. We’ll provide a customized press release for your book that will be distributed to major online news sites such as Yahoo! News, Google News, MSN News, and NBCi News, major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, as well as top RSS and XML feeds, for greater visibility and exposure.

ROYALTIES. Unlike much of our competition that advertise their royalties on net sales—computed from a lower amount after numerous other blurry expenses are deducted—we offer our royalties on list price. What you see is what you get, with no surprises or disappointment. 100 percent royalties on net sounds good, doesn’t it? Think again. A book that receives 100 percent royalties on net could be paying you as little as a dollar and change after all is said and done. Don’t be fooled by deceptive wording. We offer you 25 percent royalties on whatever list price we jointly decide to set for your book. Yes, you have a voice in this decision, and yes, we’ll guide you in deciding on the best amount. We want to see you succeed, which is why we’re so upfront and honest about how our royalties work.

AUTHOR DISCOUNT. You’ll be able to purchase as little or as many copies as you want of your book at a major discount. Receive a 50 percent discount off the list price of your book for 1–249 copies purchased, a 55 percent discount off the list price of your book for 250–499 copies purchased, and a 60 percent discount off the list price of your book for 500 or more copies purchased. Sell your book on your own and make a 50 to 60 percent royalty on list. This is unheard of in the regular marketplace. Standard shipping costs are separate.

FREE COPIES. You’ll receive five free copies of your book with an initial author book order of at least 50 copies, 10 free copies with an initial author book order of at least 100 copies, 20 free copies with an initial author book order of at least 250 copies, and 40 free copies with an initial author book order of 500 copies or more.

By purchasing publishing services with Bryce Cullen Publishing, I confirm that I have read and understand and agree with the terms and conditions that are Bryce Cullen Publishing’s Author Agreement.

After you’ve purchased your desired publishing services, we’ll follow up with you to further acquaint ourselves, get a better idea of your project, and get the ball rolling. We’re here to make the entire process as effortless as possible for you and will keep you updated every step of the way.

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