*Add-on to Bryce Cullen “The One”

Your book will be specially formatted with free-flowing text (or fixed layout for picture books) in multiple file formats to be available for purchase on all Amazon Kindle™ models that apply and all Barnes and Noble NOOK™ models that apply. Your book will also be readable on Apple’s iPad™, iPhone™, and iPod touch™; Samsung’s Galaxy S® and Galaxy Note® phones and Galaxy Tab® and Galaxy Note® tablets; other Android OS devices including DROID™; BlackBerry® devices; PC; and Mac.

Royalties for all Amazon Kindle™ sales in approved territories, including Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom (including Guernsey, Jersey, and Isle of Man), the United States, and Vatican City will be 40 percent of the respective list price; royalties for Amazon Kindle™ sales in all other territories will be 20 percent of the respective list price. Royalties for all Barnes & Noble NOOK™ sales will also be 40 percent of the respective list price.

For all of the above, DRM (digital rights management) will be incorporated for your protection, unless you explicitly request its absence.

By purchasing publishing services with Bryce Cullen Publishing, I confirm that I have read and understand and agree with the terms and conditions that are Bryce Cullen Publishing’s Author Agreement.

After you’ve purchased your desired publishing services, we’ll follow up with you to further acquaint ourselves, get a better idea of your project, and get the ball rolling. We’re here to make the entire process as effortless as possible for you and will keep you updated every step of the way.

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